Louisville parks are Pokemon Go! hot spots

July 15, 2016

Louisville parks are Pokemon Go! hot spots
Game bringing increased crowds to local parks

Thousands of gaming enthusiasts armed with smartphones and tablets have been seen in local parks this week, enjoying the challenge of finding Pokemon Go! characters – all while rediscovering their Metro Parks.

“It’s been very exciting to see the increased crowds in our parks because of this innovative new game,” said Seve Ghose, Director of Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation. “It’s exposing visitors to many park features they might not know about. Well-known sites such as Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park are part of the game, but there are bridges, gazebos, playgrounds and beautiful natural features we’re discovering that are in it, as well.”

Parks are attractive places to play the game because Louisville has an abundance of them, and they generally are safe from vehicular traffic.

Still, Ghose encourages visitors to be aware of their surroundings while playing Pokemon Go! in a park.

“Most of our parks see vehicle traffic either through them or nearby, but there are also joggers, cyclists and other people who are out for recreational purposes. A lot of parks have hills, valleys and water features that could pose problems if someone isn’t paying attention. The good news is everyone so far appears to be enjoying the game safely,” Ghose said.

Ghose had one more tip on enjoying the game at a local park: “Peek up from your device every now and then. You may see something interesting or beautiful that’s not on your screen.”