Louisville Parks and Recreation seeking user feedback to make improvements

December 30, 2019

Louisville Parks and Recreation will be distributing a customer satisfaction survey to its community centers and facilities this winter - and conduct them at outdoor events and parks throughout the city this spring and summer – with the goal of providing better customer service and satisfaction to residents.

“We hope that everyone who has the opportunity to weigh in on what we can do better and will do so,” said Dana Kasler, Director of Louisville Parks and Recreation. “Even in these lean budget times, we are still committed to improving, and public feedback is essential for us to get better.”

Paper surveys will be distributed at four Louisville Parks and Recreation facilities beginning today. The survey period will last one month at the following facilities: Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center, Beechmont Community Center, Southwick Community Center and Berrytown Community Center.

After one month, the surveys will be collected at the above sites and then new surveys will be distributed at four additional sites. The process will continue at various sites, parks and events through late summer 2020.

The survey consists of 10 questions and can easily be completed within a few minutes. Parks and Recreation is seeking feedback from diverse park and recreation facility users of all ages and backgrounds.

Survey results will be made public in late 2020. In order to measure improvement, the survey process will be repeated in 2021.

“This will not be a one-time deal,” Kasler said. “We are stressing a process of continuous improvement with Louisville Parks and Recreation. The best way to do that is to always engage the public to ensure their concerns, questions, and dreams have been heard and addressed.”

The Louisville Parks and Recreation Survey can also be found online at bestparksever.com or here. However, Kasler said he is hoping that park users opt to fill  out the surveys in person at the facilities and parks they use most frequently for better, more accurate data.