Louisville Metro revises Residential Parking Permit Program

September 18, 2020

Louisville Metro Government and Metro Council have approved revisions to the Residential Parking Permit Program that will ease current regulations regarding the establishment of Residential Parking Zones, designated areas where parking is restricted to individuals with residential parking permits only during certain hours.

Residential Parking Permit Program, which is managed by the Parking Authority of River City (PARC), aims to provide parking relief to residents who live in areas that are highly trafficked by visitors. PARC recommended that the city amend the ordinance, which previously only allowed for two Residential Parking Zones (RPZ). The only existing RPZ is located in Old Louisville

The changes will:

  • Restrict RPZs to the Urban Services District.
  • Allow RPZs to be two or more contiguous blocks on local streets. Previous regulations required 10 or more contiguous blocks.
  • Require a study demonstrating that at least 75% of the curb spaces in the proposed RPZ are full during peak periods under normal conditions. The prior ordinance required 90% of spaces be filled.
  • Allow PARC readopted or amended residential parking permit fees every 12 months.

These changes are consistent with the Plan 2040 Comprehensive Plan and complement the amendments to the Land Development Code’s parking regulations that were recommended for approval by the Louisville Metro Planning Commission and approved by Metro Council on Sept. 17.

“In some neighborhoods, particularly in the urban core, residents may have to compete for parking spaces near their homes with visitors who are eating at restaurants, shopping or getting a service done in their neighborhood. These proposed changes will strike a balance between continuing to encourage people to support local businesses and ensuring residents have easy access to their homes,” said PARC director Tiffany Smith.

“Coupled with newly reduced minimum parking requirements in the Land Development Code, the expansion of the Residential Parking Permit Program will help make city living more vibrant and appealing,” said District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan, who co-sponsored the ordinance with District 21 Councilwoman Nicole George.