Louisville Metro launches efforts to reach complete count in the 2020 Census

September 23, 2019

In recognition of the impact the 2020 Census will have on the city, Mayor Greg Fischer has appointed a municipal Census coordinator and a Municipal Complete Count Committee to work with community groups to ensure a fair and complete count.

Mayor Fischer recently established a Municipal Complete Count Committee (MC3) to raise awareness of the importance of the 2020 Census and to motivate every resident to complete their Census questionnaire. The committee is comprised of Louisville Metro staff, community leaders and faith-based organizations.

The Mayor also recently named Catalina Cordova as the municipal Census coordinator for the Louisville Metro.

The Mayor said a complete 2020 Census Count is essential because the results will help determine levels of federal assistance available to the city’s residents, and more.

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 “We’re facing challenges that require all the resources that are available to us, so it’s essential that everyone is counted in the 2020 Census,” Mayor Fischer said. “I’m thankful to the Municipal Complete Count Committee members and Catalina for stepping up to make those vital community connections that will help us achieve the goal of a complete 2020 Census count.”

Metro Council President David James added: “Having full participation by all of our citizens helps to ensure our community will receive the proper and adequate number of resources. Please participate in Census 2020.”

Michelle Elison, of the U.S. Census,said: “Working closely with Louisville's Complete Count Committees members will be vital to ensuring everyone is counted in 2020.  They have the local knowledge needed to increase participation among Louisville's hard-to-count populations.”

Cordova’s responsibilities include supporting local efforts in maximizing participation in hard-to-count communities; and coordinating the city of Louisville’s community outreach efforts related to the 2020 Census, which includes meetings, events, public communication and online communication activities.

For the past nine years, Catalina has been the station manager and programmer for the local Spanish Radio station in southern Indiana and Louisville.  Catalina’s work has helped connect the immigrant Hispanic community with local community.  Besides bringing the best entertainment and local content to the radio she also helps to coordinate radiothons to help those in need.  In 2017 she coordinated a radiothon to help the victims of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the deathly earthquake in Mexico, with the help of community leaders and the Red Cross. 

 “I am passionate about my work, and look forward to working with Louisville Metro Government and community members to ensure a complete count,” Cordova said. “The Census is six months away, but preparations are already underway across the state to get an accurate tally. I hope to inform and unite the communities and inform residents that their information is federally protected by the U.S. Census Bureau and cannot be used against them.”


Address canvassing began in August

The Address Canvassing Operation – designed to improve and refine the U.S. Census Bureau’s address list in advance of the 2020 Census —began in Louisville last month and will continue through October. 

In-field data collectors for the Census will visit specific geographic areas to identify every place where people live or could live. The staff then compares what they see on the ground to the existing census address list and then corrects or adds address and location information as necessary.  The finalized list will be used to mail out invitations to complete the 2020 Census.


Census Bureau employment opportunities

The Census Bureau opened an Area Census Office (ACO) in Louisville this month and is currently seeking to fill a variety of temporary office and field positions.  Anyone interested in applying can submit their application online at  2020census.gov/jobs

Additional 2020 Census jobs are available at the U.S. Census Bureau's National Processing Center, located across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Job vacancies at this facility are posted on USAjobs.gov and include clerks, technicians, warehouse positions, office staff and supervisory staff.


More about the Census

The U.S. Constitution mandates that a census of the population be conducted once every 10 years.  This decennial census has been conducted in the United States every 10 years since 1790.  Census data is used to determine how many representatives each state gets in Congress, how many districts each state has, and how much federal funding states and counties receive, on top of other things. Census Day, or the reference day used for the census, will be on April 1, 2020.


How will the census be taken?

The 2020 count will be the first one to encourage all U.S. households to respond online. Paper forms will still be available, and residents will also be able to complete their census by phone or in-person.


For more information about local Census efforts, contact Catalina Cordova at [email protected] or at 502/574-5168, or visit https://louisvilleky.gov/.

Louisville Municipal Complete Count Committee members:

  • Katie Dailinger, Louisville Metro Government
  • Eric Friedlander, Resilience & Community Services, Louisville Metro Government
  • Bryan Warren, Office for Globalization, Louisville Metro Government
  • Vincent James, Louisville Metro Government
  • Ben Johnson, Parks & Recreation
  • Lisa Osanka, Louisville Metro Housing Authority
  • Kellie Watson, Louisville Metro Government
  • Ashley Parrott,  Louisville Metro Government         
  • Edgardo Mansilla, Americana World Community Center
  • Jason Cissell, Bellarmine University
  • Elizabeth Wessels Martin, Center for Women and Families
  • Sharon Bakerm Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.
  • Christine Tarquinio, Greater Louisville Inc.
  • Elhadji Diagne, Guiding Light Islamic Center
  • Dena Dossett, Jefferson County Public Schools
  • Nikolette Langdon, Jefferson County Technical College
  • Maria B. Koerner, Kentucky Office of Refugees, Catholic Charities
  • Sarah Ehresman, KentuckianaWorks
  • State Rep. Attica Scott
  • State Sen. Gerald Neal
  • Matthew Ruther, Kentucky State Data Center
  • Amy Swann, Kentucky Youth Advocates
  • Karina Barillas, La Casita Center
  • Sadiqa Reynolds, Louisville Urban League
  • Councilwoman Jessica Green, District 1
  • Councilman Rick Blackwell, District 12
  • Mandy Simpson, Metro United Way
  • Raoul, Cunningham, Louisville Branch NAACP
  • Anne Monell, Presbyterian Seminary
  • Frank Smith, Simmons College
  • Farhan Abdi, Somali Community of Louisville
  • John Austin, Southern Baptist Seminary
  • Nikki Shedletsky, Spalding University
  • Shannon Rickett, University of Louisville
  • Michelle Elison, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Nicole Yates, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth’s office
  • Dr. Muhamad Babar
  • Sara Klein Wagner