The Louisville Metro Council send letter Congressional Leaders asking for federal help to keep cities viable during COVID 19

April 20, 2020

Louisville – Today the 26-member Louisville Metro Council sent a letter to Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman John Yarmuth asking them to support additional federal funding for state and local governments. 

“Cities are now beginning to see the reality of what lies ahead in keeping government services open despite a lack of sufficient revenue,” said President David James (D-6).  “Federal government assistance will be a lifeline to keep us afloat when our local economy gets restarted.”

The letter points out how the Council is appreciative of federal funding for state and local governments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic but notes that those funds are restricted to expenses incurred in fighting the virus and not lost revenue due to the pandemic 

“Everyone is facing tough choices ahead. For many people, local government is their lifeline for basic services such as police and infrastructure maintenance. Without assistance from Washington, Louisville as well as most other cities will face significant cuts to basic services.” – Councilman Kevin Kramer (R-11)

The letter points out 380 city workers have been notified that they will be furloughed May 1.  It also highlights the Metro Council’s pending approval of a $240 million line of credit to keep the city running until the economy reopens.

To see a copy of the letter, click here.