Louisville Metro Council Open Records Requests can now be filed online by the public

April 30, 2019

Louisville – The Louisville Metro Council is now offering an additional way for the public to make an Open Records Request. A new form has been created for online requests for public information.

          “Beginning April 30th, anyone who would like to make an Open Records Request online can go to the Metro Council Homepage,” says Council President David James (D-6). “The request will be handled by the Metro Council Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office will reply to the request or if needed the request will be forwarded to the appropriate government agency.”

          The online form has been added to the traditional ways that can be made when the public makes such a request. Those include hand delivered or postal mail requests to the Metro Council Clerk’s Office.

          “We have developed a user-friendly form that should be easy to understand, and the form is very self-explanatory with regard to the various Council Districts and how to request the specific information,” says Stephen Ott, Metro Council Clerk. “We will handle all requests, including online, in the same manner as required by the Kentucky Revised Statutes.”

          Links to the new form are located on the Metro Council homepage and the homepages of all 26 Metro Council Members.

          The online form requires basic information to be filled out including name, address and email address of the requestor. It also spells out what is available under state law and provides a roadmap on how to request information from a specific Council District.

          If you would like to learn more about the process for making an Open Records Request of the Louisville Metro Council, go to: https://louisvilleky.gov/government/metro-council/metro-council-open-rec...

          If you would like a direct link to the form go to:  https://louisvilleky.wufoo.com/forms/open-records-request-metro-council/