Louisville Metro Council gives approval to FY 2021- 2022 Capital and Operating Budgets

June 25, 2021

Louisville – The Louisville Metro Council has approved the FY 2021- 2022 Capital Operating Budgets for Louisville Metro Government. The Capital Budget was approved by a vote of 25 to 1. The Operating Budget was approved by a vote of 24 to 2.


To see highlights of the approved FY 2021- 2022 Capital and Operating Budgets, click here!


These Metro Council members have issued the following statements following the passage of the two budgets:


“Chairman Hollander and Vice Chair Kramer did a fantastic job with the entire Budget Committee on producing a good budget that focuses on Public Safety and Capital Infrastructure.  Higher than anticipated revenue and the assistance of The Biden Administrations America Rescue Plan Funding helped make it all possible.”

President David James, District 6


“This $1 billion budget – the largest in Metro’s history - makes significant new investments in public safety, both in compensation for police and other public safety employees, which is critical to hiring and retaining quality forces, and in violence prevention initiatives, including the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and Group Violence Intervention.   The amendment also makes major investments in libraries and adds to the already significant proposal for road and sidewalk improvements and for addressing deferred maintenance in Metro facilities. We have many human needs in Louisville, some of which have increased in the pandemic.  I’m particularly pleased that Council members recognized the need to invest a fund reserved for “Council-designated priorities” in a variety of human services across the community, funding Goodwill’s “Another Way” program for unhoused individuals,  increasing funding for a shelter for families who become homeless, and increasing funding for other programs serving women, children and families.”

Bill Hollander, District 9, Chair of the Budget Committee.  


“This budget invests in what works and seeks to fix what is broken. We focused on spending tax dollars to invest in our safety officers, health care workers and our facilities. I am hopeful that our decision to begin to address deferred maintenance in our parks, libraries, buildings and rights of way will remain in future budgets just as our support for improving our roads has remained for the past six budgets. I thank Councilman Hollander for his leadership throughout the budget process and believe this budget represents the views of all areas of the community.”

Kevin Kramer District 11 Budget Committee Vice Chair.


“It’s been said that the budget is the statement about our priorities and I think this budget shows that we are ‘all in’ on addressing the violent crime problem in our city. From more money for better policing, upstream prevention efforts via OSHN and root cause investments in housing, employment and mental health services, we are taking an all of the above approach to solving the problem. It’s also important to remember that this is only the first of many investments in our community as we also will make significant investments via the American Rescue Plan.”

Markus Winkler, District 17, Chair of the Democratic Caucus


“The Metro Council started with the Mayor’s budget proposal in April and has found a way to improve support for police and public safety officers through increased funding for officer salaries, training as well as equipment and facilities. The Metro Council’s budget reduces our dependence on debt while also starting a process of fixing government assets and reopening libraries, like the Portland, Parkland, Fern Creek and Middletown Libraries.”

Anthony Piagentini, District 19, Chair of the Minority Caucus


“I am ENCOURAGED by the $5000,000 for the Parkland Library IN THIS YEAR’S BUGET. With the community’s support, we have been working for some time to revitalize the Parkland neighborhood.   Reopening this historic library is critical to fully revitalizing the Parkland neighborhood. We are one step closer to making this a reality.  YET, MORE RESOURCES ARE STILL NEEDED.   We will be closely watching the federal monies that are coming into our community and are hopeful that we will SOON have the resources to fully fund and operate the library.  Thank you so much to all the neighborhood groups, residents, partners, and Friends of the Parkland Library who continue to push this project forward.”

Jessica Green, District 1


“I would have liked to see, and will continue to fight for, more spending outside the Watterson Expressway.  This budget does however fully fund law enforcement and sets us on a path to rebuilding our police department and making people feel safe again.”

Mark Fox, District 13


“This budget fixes what we own and demands results for programs that operate under our watch.  I am thankful that we will see investment in public safety, fixing our parks, improving libraries and continuing our dedication to funding paving in a way that meets our ten-year goal.”

Scott Reed, District 16


“The budget process involves months of listening, learning, and prioritization required for achieving majority support amongst 26 different Council members and the passage of a budget.  Saying no to something is easy, voting yes to a budget that reflects so many different needs across Metro, is hard.  It requires having leadership with the ability to create a process allowing for everyone’s voice to be heard, understanding comprehensive needs across Metro, and the ability to build consensus.  Council member Hollander’s leadership warrants recognition by doing just that and was invaluable in the process. As Chair of the Public Works Committee, this budget reflects some long overdue infrastructure investments needed for strengthening both our social fabric and built environment.” 

Nicole George, District 21


“I am a proud supporter of the work achieved as a result of this year’s budget process. This budget invests in safety and addresses the growing needs of the community. I am especially thankful for the commitment of $1 million towards the construction of a new Library for Fern Creek as well as millions more dedicated to improving access to our overall library system.”

Robin Engel, District 22


"I am proud of this year's budget and believe it will help our city address some of the toughest problems we face. We have prioritized public safety throughout our community by fully funding traditional policing and incorporating modern strategies to address crime before it happens. I have personally focused on our community's infrastructure, with significant neighborhood pavings and a new sidewalk construction along St. Anthony's Church Road to improve mobility and safety for pedestrians and motorists.  I look forward to working with the executive to ensure these dollars are utilized appropriately and help us tackle other issues such as homelessness, panhandling, economic recovery, public health, and recreation."

Amy Holton Stewart, District 25



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