Louisville announces real-time traffic app

September 24, 2015

Mayor Greg Fischer, the Office of Performance Improvement and the Public Works Department announced today that Louisville has been named as the fifth city in the U.S. to develop a partnership with Waze, the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

Waze is expected to dramatically improve traffic conditions in Metro Louisville by giving drivers the ability to share real-time traffic and road information.

By answering the question, “What’s happening on our roads right now, and where?” Waze allows the city to more effectively alert citizens and businesses about construction, accidents or special events like community runs, walks and parades.

The city is now sending all its road closure information directly to Waze, which displays it on an easy-to-use and easy-to-see-and-understand mobile app that can be downloaded on smart phones, tablets or in car navigation systems.

The information is enhanced by sharing crowd-sourced incident reports from Waze users, also known as Wazers. Users also can put in their starting address and ending address – and Waze will map the most direct route to avoid road closures.

“Cities always struggle with ways to effectively alert citizens and businesses to changes in the traffic pattern,” said Fischer. “Our partnership with Waze solves that challenge in Metro Louisville by allowing us to be more nimble and up-to-date.”

“Waze is only as strong as the information it receives from its users,” said Paige Fitzgerald, Connected Citizens Program Manager at Waze. “It’s a free mobile platform that already enables and empowers drivers, and we want to bring entire cities that same level of connectivity. The immense data that Louisville Metro can contribute to the Waze app makes them a key partner moving forward.”

The Waze team worked with Metro Louisville's Office of Performance Improvement to bring the new technology to the city.

Prague, Tel Aviv and Rio are among other Waze partners who have quickly benefited from the technological innovation. To find out more about Connected Citizens visit Waze.com/connectedcitizens. To download the free Waze app for iOS or Android, visit http://www.Waze.com.


About Waze
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