Long-Stay VIP Champions Program finds homes for long term shelter dogs

October 25, 2018

Adopt a qualifying Champion and receive a VIP package worth more than $500 dollars in savings

VIP Status Poster thumbnail imageThe Long-Stay VIP Champions Program promotes specific adoptable dogs that have been in the shelter 30 days or longer. These dogs are sometimes overlooked for months by potential adopters in favor of younger or small breed dogs. The program launched in October of 2018 and has found homes for more than 40 Champions.

Every Long-Stay Champion adoption includes a VIP package worth more than $500 in savings. 

"We want to give every adoptable dog the best chance of making it out of the shelter,” said Ozzy Gibson, LMAS shelter director. “Adoption fees have already been waived for our Long-Stay Champions. The VIP package is further incentive for potential adopters to consider giving a one of these awesome dogs a permanent home.”

The Long-Stay Champion VIP package now also includes 7 days free daycare from PetSuites Louisville.

The free VIP package includes:
  • Wellness checks for 3 years
  • Vaccinations for 3 years
  • Canine license (3-year)
  • Collar, leash & harness
  • Large crate
  • 7 Days of daycare at PetSuites Louisville

*Adopters will also be entered in a Raffle to win $500 (Drawing after every tenth adoption)

Adoption fees are waived for approved applicants thanks to the non-profit Friends of Metro Animal Services and the Pay It Forward Free Adoptions Program. Each dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Visit the LMAS Shelter (3705 Manslick Rd.) to meet our Champion dogs still waiting for forever homes. No appointment is required. The shelter is open Monday-Friday 12-6pm, and Saturdays 11am-2pm.

*Some Champions are currently in foster homes and an appointment is required to meet them. To schedule an appointment or for more information about a specific Long-Stay Champion, contact LMAS Adoption Coordinators: Michelle.Mayer@louisvilleky.gov or Kimberly.Corder@louisvilleky.gov, or call 502-473-PETS.

Meet and greets are required for families with children. LMAS offers dog and cat testing upon request. 

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Long-Stay Champions

190 Days since entering shelter


141 Days in shelter


116 Days in shelter
*Visit Animal House Adoption Center


103 Days in shelter


97 Days in shelter


153 Days in shelter

160 Days in shelter


119 Days in shelter


96 Days in shelter

*In foster, schedule meet & greet


100 Days in shelter

*In foster, schedule meet & greet