Landbank Authority approves sale of 6 vacant properties

February 21, 2017

Six vacant properties were approved for sale by the Landbank Authority at a special meeting held on Wednesday, February 15th. The proposed sales will enhance the condition of properties and lots in neighborhoods across the city.                                                          

  • Howard Patrick Sr. was approved to purchase the property at 3301 Greenwood Avenue to renovate and sell. The property contains a 769 square foot home built in 1922.
  • Kentuckiana Home Rehab, LLC was approved to purchase 134 N. 43rd Street to renovate and sell. The property contains a 934 square foot home built in 1925.
  • Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville was approved to purchase vacant lots located at 323 S. 42nd Street, 1770 W. Burnett Avenue and 3809 Parthenia Avenue to construct a single-family home on each lot.
  • LDG Multifamily, LLC was conditionally approved to purchase a vacant lot located at Newburg Road and Garden Green Way to construct multifamily housing.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Metro-owned vacant property or lot should call a Real Estate Coordinator at the Vacant & Public Property Administration at 574-4016. The Vacant & Public Property Administration serves as staff to the Landbank Authority, Urban Renewal Commission and Vacant Property Review Commission.

For more information on the Vacant & Public Property Administration, please visit