Historic City Hall Clock Tower goes green to show compassion and support during COVID 19 crisis

March 23, 2020

Louisville – President David James (D-6) announces beginning tonight the Historic City Hall Clock Tower will glow green following the Big Four Bridge and the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion as a symbol of compassion.

          “In these last few days as COVID 19 has impacted more and more lives, I have seen many examples of residents of our city helping others through donations and volunteerism. That is compassion,” said James. “Let the clock tower shine to remind all of us that we are in this thing together and together we can weather the storm.”

          Over the weekend, Governor Andy Beshear first announced the Governor’s Mansion would light up in the color green every time he had to report a fatality. The Governor said the color green is the color of compassion, it’s the color of empathy. It’s also a color of renewal.

          On Sunday, Mayor Greg Fischer announced the Big Four Bridge would also glow green every night. According to the Mayor, the Waterfront Development Corp. said the nightly lighting is “a symbol of our community’s compassion and resilience during these uncertain times. We want it to be a reminder to everyone that hope is a strong current that binds our city as we work together to mitigate the pandemic.”

          “If you see the clock tower light, remember there are many who will need help in the coming weeks. Our compassion must be as strong then as it is now,” said the President.