Government Performance & Innovation Summit Brings National Leaders to Louisville

February 12, 2015

Mayor Greg Fischer welcomes 15 mayors from around the nation along with hundreds of  public sector leaders to Louisville for the Summit on Government Performance and Innovation, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 11 and 12 at the Marriott Louisville Downtown.

This groundbreaking new event gathers some of the most innovative and creative minds in the public sector to discover ways to break down levels of bureaucracy and increase efficiency, providing better services and information for citizens.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase Louisville and have our city government team trade ideas with some of the nation’s leaders in effective government and innovation,” Fischer said. “Continuous improvement is what we strive for and this summit is a great source of inspiration.”

During the Summit, Louisville Metro employees will be recognized for their successful implementation of innovative programs to better serve our citizens.

“We are extremely grateful to Governing magazine for supporting us in the development and execution of this conference,” said Theresa Reno-Weber, the city’s chief of Performance Improvement. “Our Performance & Innovation System is world-class and we are proud to share ideas as well as learn and be inspired by national peers and experts in performance and innovation so our citizens can benefit from the best government possible.”

Metro Government Employee Recognition and Citizen Award Presentations: 

  • Daily Work Warrior Individual Winner
    Department: Metro Corrections
    Employee: Margaret Eggleston
    Project Name: Corrections Booklet
    Summary: Maggie took the initiative to compile a booklet that trained employees on how to complete citations for various warrants so that all law enforcement agencies could have a uniform process. She researched the project to ensure accuracy and compliance with state regulations. This booklet is now used by local law enforcement agencies. To view project video, click here.
  • Daily Work Warrior Group Winner
    Departments: Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), Metro Technology Services, Public Works, Facilities, Office of Management and Budget
    Employees: Chris Seidt, Brandon Lincoln, Mark Gingerich, Joe O’toole, Brad Woolridge, Ryan Brown, Theresa Walters, Michael Hart, Mickey Cohn, Chapin Jones, Jennifer Corum, Mitchell Alonso, Dennis Arthur, Amy McTyeire and Jon Hagedorn
    Project Name: Waterfront Camera Project
    Summary: After a violent downtown incident in March 2014, staff from five Metro Departments came together to install high definition surveillance cameras throughout Waterfront Park in record time. The team also worked to open the Real Time Crime Center with a world class monitoring center and video surveillance wall. To view project video, click here.
  • Continuous Improvement Champion Individual Winner
    Department: LMPD
    Employee: William Hibbs
    Project Name: Unit Productivity and Overtime Reduction
    Summary: Major Hibbs made several changes to his unit that resulted in increased effectiveness and efficiency. These changes led to an overtime reduction of over 900 hours.  He also spearheads efforts to research and purchase new unit specific equipment which has led to better unit productivity. To view project video, click here.
  • Continuous Improvement Champion Group Winner
    Department: Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services (LMEMS)
    Employees: Lee Dennison, John Johnson and Michael Tully
    Project Name: Fly Car Program (Emergency Medical Alternative Response Team)
    Project Summary:  LMEMS is charged with providing rapid response to the sick and injured. They saw the need to develop an alternative first responder system that could reach patients with the most life-threatening conditions as quickly as possible. The Fly Car program started in July 2014 with an average response of just under 6 minutes on over 2,000 calls for service. To view project video, click here.
  • Breakthrough Guru Individual Winner
    Department: KentuckianaWorks
    Employee: Cindy Read
    Project Name: Creation of Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center
    Summary: Cindy raised the money to establish a new career and training center called the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center, which in only 18 months has helped over 250 Louisvillians get jobs in manufacturing. To view project video, click here.
  • Breakthrough Guru Group Winner
    Department: Louisville Free Public Library
    Employee(s): Julie Scoskie, Kate Schiavi, Paul Burns and the library’s Children Services Staff
    Project Name: 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge
    Summary: When a 2014 Kindergarten readiness survey showed that only 50% of Jefferson County Public Schools kindergarteners were prepared for school, the Louisville Free Public Library launched the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge. Since January 2014, over 14,000 children have participated in the challenge. This program has impacted children and families all over Louisville by instilling a love of reading and helping families make reading a daily habit. To view project video, click here.
  • Citizen Award for Excellence in City Services
    Department: Metro Parks – Sun Valley Community Center
    Employee: Tammy Bredhold, Bobby Wilson and Dana Delpierre
    Summary: Recognized by citizens in the community for the superior services they provide, the three person recreation staff at Sun Valley Community Center goes above and beyond the requirements of their job on a daily basis. They plan and host diverse programming for seniors, people with disabilities, youth and teens. To view project video, click here.
  • Partners in Government Performance & Innovation Individual Winners

Citizen: Larry Skutchan – American Printing House for the Blind

Summary: Larry’s team built an app for the visually impaired to assist in locating all TARC bus stops and schedule information. His team continues to incorporate Louisville’s Open Data for a wide range of other life-improving applications. He  developed Braille Plus 18, the first portable communication device for the blind  or visually impaired. To view project video, click here.

  • Partners in Government Performance & Innovation Individual Winners

Citizen:  Christian Jones, Citizen Scientist

Summary: Christian has served as a citizen scientist collecting air quality data using mobile sensors attached to his bicycle handlebars. Christian has completed 15, five mile rides allowing Louisville Metro to monitor variations in air quality. Christian’s air quality reports will assist city officials in better understanding variations in key air quality metrics, such as levels of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particular matter that will assist in developing strategies for improving air quality at the neighborhood level. To view project video, click here.


Partners in Government Performance and Innovation Award Presentation: 

  • Partners in Government Performance and Innovation Awards
  • Toyota
  • Recognized for their assistance in helping Louisville Metro Government improve Fleet Truck Shop repair times and backlog, resulting in a repair time reduction of over 60%.
  • To view project video, click here.