Government Accountability Committee will ask for public comment on Communications Franchise Ordinance

December 4, 2017

Louisville – The public will have an opportunity to express their thoughts on a proposed Communications Franchise Ordinance that is pending before the Louisville Metro Council.

At its Tuesday meeting, The Governmental Accountability, Ethics and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee will announce a comment period for the Communications Franchise ordinance (O-429-17) sponsored by Council members Bill Hollander (D-9) and Kevin Kramer (R-11). 

“As technology continues to change, it is important that we hear from all sides moving forward with future franchise agreements pending before Louisville Metro Government,” says Councilman Pat Mulvihill (D-10), who chairs the Committee. “Most importantly, the public has a stake in how we shape this ordinance.”

The committee will establish a public written comment period beginning immediately and through Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  Comments need to be sent to Stephen Ott, the Metro Council Clerk.

The proposed ordinance will review the current language for granting franchise agreements in the city‘s right of way, keeping in mind the changing nature of technology in communication services. Louisville Metro Government’s goal is to continue to ensure that all franchisees are treated fairly and equally.

The Metro Council will also hold meetings working on the ordinances by using the written comment as well as talking with other stakeholders in the franchise process. The Council will take final action in 2018.


All written comments should be sent to:


H. Stephen Ott

Clerk of the Louisville Metro Council

601 West Jefferson Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Contact online: