EMS Week 2024 Employee Spotlight EMT Lee

May 25, 2024

EMS Week is May 19-25, and we are celebrating by highlighting some of our team in their own words. We know pre-hospital emergency care is challenging and takes a variety of skills, so let’s hear from them!

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Fast Facts – a one-on-one with EMT Lee

Q. What's your title and how long have you worked within Louisville Metro Emergency Services?
A. My current title is EMT-B. I have worked with Metro for a year and a half and just got accepted into the Paramedic program here with the agency. 
Q. Where are you from originally and what brought you to Louisville? If you're from Louisville, everyone wants to know... where did you go to high school?
A. I am originally from Lake County Florida! I came to Louisville as an amateur kickboxer seeking more opportunities to fight and train. 
Q. What motivated you to join Emergency Services and what is your favorite part about your daily work?
A. Along my boxing journey, I fell in love with medicine while working in the pharmacy. I decided to take on the journey to go to medical school and that’s how I found out about the world of EMS. The best part about my work is the opportunity I have to be as close to the human experience as possible. Getting to know people and making them laugh, while also being able to be more help than I could ever have imagined, is a blessing. 
Q. How do you start your day?
A. I wake up and have breakfast, head to the gym, come home for yoga, journal, practice my cello, read, meditate, study for medic school, and get a little me time in before it’s time to go in for my shift!
Q. If you had guests visiting Louisville for the weekend, where is the first place you'd take them?
A. Does Berea count as Louisville?! Haha. There’s a beautiful Mountain View called East and West Pinnacle. If that doesn’t count Tioga Falls for sure!
Q. What is your go-to restaurant in town?
A. Heart and Soy/Roots! Beautiful hearted Vietnamese owners and right across the street is a Boba place with KILLER food. 
Q. What do you do on your days off to relax and unwind?
A. After the gym on my off days, I mix it up between hiking, rock climbing, trail runs, and honing my oil painting skills. 
Q. Who inspires you?
A. Anyone who has been through a trauma they felt they could never see themselves out of and not only thrived through it but became a more empathetic, passionate, loving, and successful individual because of it!
Q. What's the next place you'd like to visit and why?
A. New Zealand for white water rafting!
Q. What has been your most memorable or rewarding experience on the job with Emergency Services?
A. Not getting into details the worse most damaging calls of my life have been the ones that have made me realize how grateful I am to be blessed with the opportunity to work with this service, gain experience, and become a forever student to make a difference in someone’s life on their wise day possible. Every day I am trusted with someone’s life is rewarding and memorable to me. 
Q. What's your word of advice for someone who is aspiring to a career in Emergency Services?
A. Truly make sure you are getting into the field for the right reasons. Truly make sure you are getting into this work because you unselfishly have the best interest of others around you as human beings no matter what. Ultimate accountability, constant growth, and unconditional love for others is what will get you through. 

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