EMS Week 2024 Employee Spotlight EMT Brown

May 24, 2024

EMS Week is May 19-25, and we are celebrating by highlighting some of our team in their own words. We know pre-hospital emergency care is challenging and takes a variety of skills, so let’s hear from them!

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Fast Facts – a one-on-one with EMT Brown

Q. What's your title and how long have you worked within Louisville Metro Emergency Services?
A. I'm am EMT and have been with EMS for 14 months.
Q. Where are you from originally and what brought you to Louisville? If you're from Louisville, everyone wants to know... where did you go to high school?
A. I'm originally from Louisville and I went to Butler Traditional High School.
Q. What motivated you to join Emergency Services and what is your favorite part about your daily work?
A. I was introduced to the world of service through teaching children at Bluegrass Center for Autism, where I found the love for what’s unique and challenging. Later I found my way to the world of pharmacology where I gained interest for the world of medicine. I yearned for a fast-paced environment where my skills can flourish.
Q. How do you start your day?
A. I start my day with making my bed. The day isn’t right without a restart. 
Q. If you had guests visiting Louisville for the weekend, where is the first place you'd take them?
A. I would likely take them to 21C to view some interesting artwork. 
Q. What is your go-to restaurant in town?
A. I have two! Mt. Fuji and Mi Casita’s.
Q. What do you do on your days off to relax and unwind?
A. I do Mommy things, play video games, catch up with my loved ones. 
Q. Who inspires you?
A. Jim Carrey. As bizarre as that sounds. His mind amazes me. 
Q. What's the next place you'd like to visit and why?
A. Zanzibar! To swim with the turtles!
Q. What has been your most memorable or rewarding experience on the job with Emergency Services?
A. Working with the Future Healers. The excitement the children have for EMS’ role in medicine is pleasing to say the least. 
Q. What's your word of advice for someone who is aspiring to a career in Emergency Services?
A. If you can’t explain your ‘why’, don’t force it. Sometimes it’s just an indescribable feeling you possess to be of service, and that’s okay. Just do it, and do it at 110%. Let your actions speak for you. 

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