Economy Inn Given Thirty Days to Make Repairs

March 23, 2015

On March 10, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services held a hearing on a “Notice of Intent to Suspend” the permit of the Economy Inn that was filed by the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness over repeated health and safety violations at the facility.

Jessica Davenport, a hearing officer for the cabinet, has recommended that the owners of the Economy Inn be ordered to make repairs on the facility at 3304 Bardstown Rd. and to be  “in substantial compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations” in 30 days.                                

“If corrections are not made by this time, it is recommended that the permit be suspended,” the hearing officer’s report says. 

Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness deputy director Matt Rhodes said, “The hearing officer’s report noted that the owners have begun to make repairs to the facility and have improved the facility’s inspection score by thirty points since November.  Based on these facts, the Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness concurs with the state hearing officer’s recommendations.” 

Kentucky administrative law establishes procedural due process on these matters:

  • Repeated health and safety violations may warrant that a “Notice of Intent to Suspend” the permit be issued;
  • The permit holder has the opportunity to request a state hearing;
  • On November 20, Public Health and Wellness filed a “Notice of Intent to Suspend” the permit of the Economy Inn; and
  • The owners of the Economy Inn exercised their right to a state hearing. 

Inspectors from Public Health and Wellness, together with inspectors from the Metro Department of Codes and Regulations and the Buechel Fire Protection District, will inspect the facility on April 20.  The Economy Inn will be required to earn an inspection score of 85% or higher with no critical violations. If the Economy Inn does not pass inspection, its permit to operate will be suspended.

“Our charge is to do what is in the best interest of public safety, by either bringing the establishment into compliance, or by closing it,” said Rhodes.