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September 13, 2017

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Welcome: And We BID You Goodnight

Bardstown isn’t the only road in District 8 but it’s the biggest, baddest, fastest (as well as most vibrant and diverse) and, so, naturally a focus of attention for me.  I’ve been working on ways to make Bardstown Road safer, cleaner and greener since my first day in office, and over the next few months, you’ll begin to see some results.

In partnership with TARC and Public Works, we’ll begin to act on – that is, invest in – the recommendations of the bus stop, sidewalk accessibility and litter bin audits we completed earlier this year.  In partnership with MSD and Community Forestry, we’ll plant 108 empty tree wells and spaces in the green verge.  And in partnership with Develop Louisville, we’ll get the “US 31E Baxter Avenue & Bardstown Road Pedestrian-Focused Safety Improvement Study” underway with a formal announcement in October and public meetings to start in November. 

As part of the Bardstown Road study, we’ll also be collecting planning evidence to support extending the Bardstown Road Overlay District south, to the Watterson Expressway, with new design and development quality guidelines.  I think the Upper Highlands – Gardiner Lane, Hawthorne, Hayfield-Dundee, Strathmoor Manor and Strathmoor Village – is poised for growth, and the BROD can help to manage that in a positive way.  (Visit the District 8 Development Information page to learn more about the BROD.)

Finally, in January, I’ll begin the process of petitioning 249 real property owners along Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue, from Broadway to the Douglass Loop, to help create, fund and direct a Bardstown Road Business Improvement District.  If you’re familiar with the Louisville Downtown Management District, then you can imagine what a Bardstown Road BID might be like: a dedicated team of service professionals working seven days a week to beautify the corridor; keep it clean (I mean really clean, like litter-vacuuming-graffiti-removing-quick-load-power-washing clean); and assist Louisville Metro Police on panhandling, parking enforcement and other issues.      

This, too, will involve a robust public process and build upon six months of recently completed studies, reports and recommendations by the Bardstown Road BID Exploratory Committee, made up of a dozen Baxter/Bardstown property/business owners and other stakeholders, in partnership with Louisville Downtown Partnership.

If everything goes according to plan, the BID will be fully functional beginning January of 2019.  Then, once the snow melts and we put Bardstown Road’s best face forward for Kentucky Derby 145 visitors, it’ll stay that way for the rest of us, year-round.  If the thought of this excites you and you want to help make it a reality, then please contact me to get involved.


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And We Bid You Goodnight, 


Councilman Brandon Coan