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January 31, 2018

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Welcome: The Medium is the Message

What do Jerry Abramson, Morgan McGarvey, Vanessa Burns, Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, Phillip Bailey, Aubrey Gregory, Chris Kolb, Mike Rutherford, Tom Owen, Tyler Allen, JC Stites and Barbara Sexton-Smith have in common?  Why, they have all appeared as guests on Eight More Miles: The Louisville Metro Council District 8 Podcast, of course!

I realize how cliché it sounds but if you like District 8 eNews, then you’ll love Eight More Miles.  The podcast is part of our strategy to communicate with District 8 stakeholders more regularly and across more channels than in the past, and it is our most substantive constituent communication.  The most recent episode featuring Councilwoman Sexton-Smith is new out yesterday, and Barbara will surprise and inspire you!  

Our most topical media offering is full video of our District 8 Advisory Board meetings.  Every two months, our neighborhood association presidents, home rule city mayors and I get together to discuss the District 8 budget, development, public safety and public works; LMPD makes a report; there is a guest speaker (most recently, the developer of the Sanctuary on Bardstown, at the old Calvary Lutheran Church) and a public comment period.  The meetings are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend but the video is archived in case you can’t.

eNews is topical, too, but more than that it is procedural.  Don’t let the insightful analysis and hilarious jokes fool you ;)  The newsletter provides timely notice related to governmental activity and directs you toward the opportunity to respond. 

Our social media usage is functional: reminders and alerts.    

The italics already put me at risk of sounding like this guy, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead, but I hope this overview of District 8 News & Media encourages you to check out all we have to offer. 

* * *

To err is human, so welcome back to Correction Corner.  In the January 16 Sophomore Edition, we said the number of Part I crimes reported in District 8 was down from 2,399 in 2016 to 1,969 in 2017 (-17.7%).  We said this was a 3.3% reduction from our baseline (2,036). 

CORRECTION!  The numbers are much more reassuring!  From 2013-16, the average number of burglaries, motor vehicle thefts and thefts/larcenies; aggravated assaults, robberies, rapes and homicides reported in District 8 was 1,282.  In 2016, that number grew to 1,504.  In 2017, we reduced it to 1,189 – down 20.9% year over year and down 7.3% from the four-year average.


The report has been corrected in the District 8 eNews Archive.



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