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September 23, 2020
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Welcome: Give Every Day

There are 100 days left in the year 2020 and Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) and I want to make the most of them.  They are the last 100 days of our terms in office.  So, as Councilwoman Smith and I continue to work together to make lasting change on issues like public safety budgeting, police use of force and accountability policies, we have also made a to-do list (with the help of Councilwoman Nicole George (D-21)) to build up our city a little bit each day between now and 2021 – and we need your help to get it done.

Given the world as it is, we hope everyone from all local economic sectors can come together and participate in whatever form or fashion they are able.  The list includes big and small things.  There are opportunities to give of your time, talent or treasure.  Barbara and I will be burning up the phone lines and wearing holes in the soles of our shoes, and we invite you to join us.  If one or more of the following is a good fit for your family, business or organization, then please contact me so we can count you in and coordinate action.  We expect great cooperation and support from the administration and our Metro Council colleagues, so while the list is aspirational it is also achievable.  It has been a long, hard year – and it will likely continue to be – but a lot of good can still happen over the next 100 days.

So, as a community, let’s find homes for 100 people; pass Breonna's Law in 100 cities; expunge 100 non-violent criminal records; register 100 voters; mow 100 vacant and abandoned lots; fill 100 potholes; repair 100 sidewalks; clean 100 alleys and 100 blocks; install or repair 100 litter bins; replace or remove 100 damaged street signs; remove 100 graffiti tags; turn on 100 porch lights; pull 100 weeded areas; place plants on 100 porches; deliver 100 blankets, 100 bicycles and helmets and 100 gun locks; paint 100 murals; create 100 jobs; connect 100 black-owned businesses; honor 100 living legends; deliver 100 Dare to Care packages; make 100 mobile market stops; and tow 100 abandoned vehicles.

We can replace 100 burned out streetlights; bail out 100 non-violent offenders; plant 100 trees; give 100 flu shots and 100 COVID tests; donate 100 vehicles and 100 laptops; install 100 hotspots; facilitate 100 dialogues; plant 100 gardens; get 100 people to quit smoking; adopt 100 pets; donate 100 winter coats; bank 100 unbanked people; give 100 small business grants; take 100 first time trips to the zoo; share 100 poems; maintain 100 gravesites; check 100 smoke detectors; remove 100 lead pipes; make 100 dentist appointments; apply for 100 homestead exemptions; support 100 book clubs; find 100 new parks volunteers; and give swim lessons to 100 kids.

We will give 100 physical exams, install 100 rain barrels; give out 100 new library cards; donate 100 musical instruments; install 100 compost bins; enroll 100 college students; read 100 stories to children; donate 100 tax services; give 100 cancer screenings; clean 100 catch basins; identify 100 vacant/abandoned properties; visit 100 new local businesses; make 100 home repairs for seniors; enroll 100 uninsured individuals into health coverage; prepare 100 wills and testaments; support 100 local farmers; run or walk 100 miles for charity; refer 100 people to Code Louisville and 100 people to the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center; sign up 100 new SummerWorks employers, 100 new Meals on Wheels recipients, 100 poll workers and 100 Co-Immunity Project participants; make 100 new $100 Friends of the Louisville Free Public Library; and facilitate 100 interfaith experiences.

Just imagine when we facilitate 100 workplace racial bias trainings; train 100 people in youth mental health first aid and 100 people in neighborhood leadership; facilitate 100 METCO loans; enroll 100 new business association members; train 100 people in Land Use 101; donate 100 tanks of gas; collect 100 pounds of unused and expired prescription drugs; remove 100 illegal "We Buy Houses" signs; return 100 stolen shopping carts; recycle 100 illegally-dumped tires; enroll 100 people in the Welcome Academy; subscribe 100 people to GlobalLou eNews; hold 100 Silver Sneaker outdoor events; refer 100 people to Thrive Center programs; identify 100 potential local historic landmarks; recruit 100 new Friends of Metro Animal Services; train 100 people to administer Naloxone; get 100 people to give blood; build or stock 100 Little Free Libraries; observe 100 moments of silence; take 100 first time hikers to Jefferson Memorial Forest; recruit 100 new Big Brothers and Big Sisters; remove the boards from 100 buildings; and smile 100,000 times. 

So far as 100-day-plans go, it is far from perfect but the idea is there.  This is how we get better: all hands on deck and making an effort, one day at a time.  



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