Designated email addresses to be issued to all serving on Boards and Commissions

February 23, 2015

Every citizen serving on a board or commission will be issued an email address to conduct all official government business, Mayor Greg Fischer announced today.

In an effort to keep up with changing technology, Mayor Fischer has requested the city’s Metro Technology Services Department provide email addresses for official government business in order to comply with the Kentucky Open Records Law.

“This addresses concerns of board members using personal accounts for public business and will result in greater transparency for citizens,” Fischer said.

Louisville has approximately 100 boards and commissions with more than 800 mayoral appointees including business and economic development, land planning, parks and recreation, public health and public safety.

Citizens serving on boards and commissions will be instructed to conduct official government business on the designated email, not personal emails, texts or cell phones.

The emails will be retained and upon request through the open records process, restored and retrieved for the requester.

Mayor Fischer has also requested Metro Human Resources review internal policies regarding text messaging and cell phone usage by employees to ensure that all communication concerning official city business is subject to open records regardless of the device used.

A recommendation on internal communication policies and the boards and commissions email system will be presented to Mayor Fischer by mid-April.