Dakota's Story

November 12, 2015

Dakota Gets a New Name and a New Lease on Life


On a cold day in January Ofc. Lega was patrolling for a sick dog on Central Avenue when she saw a thin dog sitting in the parking lot

of a daycare. Much to her surprise, when she stopped and got out of her the dog ran right up and hopped in. Dirty and hungry she brought the dog into the shelter. Sweet as can be right from the beginning the LMAS staff began calling him Dakota. Despite his friendly, inquisitive nature days turned into weeks and Dakota was still at the shelter. He would lie on his bed day after day and watch as people visiting the shelter walked past his kennel. When staff got him out he was full of energy and needed some work on his manners. He slowly became more and more depressed and staff began to worry.

Then one day an LMAS volunteer named Shelly stopped by and saw Dakota lying in his kennel. She asked staff about working with him and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. “You just don’t act like a Dakota,” Shelly pondered one day and by the end of the day Dakota became Franky. Shelly worked with Franky on basic training every Sunday and in March he was ready to go up for adoption.

He arrived at Animal House on March 4, 2015 and Shelly continued to work with Franky. She even started taking him on field trips. They went to different parks and to go get ice cream. Franky became an excellent travel dog and a month later Franky was adopted, but this turned out not to be Franky’s forever home. Less than a month later Franky was turned into the shelter as a stray.

Franky had lost all of his confidence and cowered sometimes when reached out to pet him. Staff and volunteers alike were devastated.

But this is a true story of you can’t keep a good dog down! Shelly picked right back up where she left off, working with Franky on his confidence and manners while taking him out to see the world. Franky even got to meet real firefighters and check out the truck. Soon another volunteer named Jacki also began working with Franky. At the end of April Jacki decided to take Franky into foster through Animal Shelter Allies of Kentucky. Since going into foster with Jacki Franky has blossomed. He is now confident and comfortable in his own skin. He plays not only with the other dogs at Jacki’s, but also does well with her cat now that they have had a proper introduction!

Franky is now up for adoption through the Animal Shelter Allies of Kentucky. For information on adopting Franky go to www.facebook.com/ASAKentucky . For information on animals up for adoption from Metro Animal Services