Councilwoman Shanklin reminds residents to clear sidewalks and check on the elderly during this recent snow

March 5, 2015

Louisville – Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D-2) is reminding residents of District 2 and all of Metro Louisville to take the time and clear their sidewalks now that the latest snowfall has ended.

          “I know that getting out the shovel is no fun for anyone and twelve inches is a lot of snow but if we want to keep everyone safe we must do our part,” said Shanklin. “”We have had an easy winter up until these last few weeks and no one wants people walking in the street because a sidewalk has not been cleared.”

          By law, property owners in Metro Louisville are required to clear their sidewalk or face a fine. The Councilwoman says no one wants to issue fines and she is encouraging homeowners and businesses to take the lead in making sure there is a safe place to walk down any street.

          “Right now, we have crews of Metro Public Works who are pulling long shifts in order to get our roads cleared and make them safe,” says Shanklin. “We can say thank you to them and show our support by helping them make our streets safe by shoveling.”

          The Councilwoman says now is the time to check on the elderly in your neighborhood to see if they need anything or offer to clean their driveway and sidewalk