Councilwoman Sexton Smith shares LMPD 4th Division Crime Statistics

July 24, 2018

Louisville – New crime statistics reported by Louisville Metro Police’s 4th Division, Beat 2 covering Smoketown and Shelby Park show a reduction in violent crime since the beginning of the year and over the last 12 months as seen in other areas of the city.

Since January 1st, Homicides are down 33.3% with 8 reported so far this year compared to 12 in 2017. Overall violent crime is down 8% for the Division.

“As we are seeing in other areas of the city, crime is trending down in these two key areas and I am pleased with these results as we work to keep all our neighborhoods safe,” says Sexton Smith. “For Smoketown and Shelby Park, these may be the lowest crime numbers experienced in the last 6 years.”

The Councilwoman was recently updated about the crime numbers by Lt. Jason Grissom and Major Josh Judah, Commander of the 4th Division.

Highlights include:

Zero gun related homicides in Smoketown and Shelby Park in 2018
33.3% decrease in homicides in LMPD 4th Division
14 % reduction in all violent crime over the last 12 months
36% reduction in robberies over the last 18 months
20% reduction in automobile thefts
20% reduction in burglaries
Lowest reported crime in the last 3 years
Lowest number of robberies and burglaries since 2012
3% reduction in theft from automobiles in LMPD Fourth Division
7.5% reduction in theft from automobile in Smoketown and Shelby Park


While violent crime is trending down, the Councilwoman says this area unfortunately is also seeing an upward trend in property crimes committed.

“This Division’s officers have also reported a similar increase in property crimes with theft from buildings up 5.7% and Business Burglaries are up 13.6 %,” says Sexton Smith. “We know these crimes would start to decline if our cars were locked and no valuables left in plain sight. Businesses must also step up their security efforts to get these numbers to start trend down.”

The Councilwoman believes working with LMPD on these extra precautions will help maintain a great, connected community throughout District 4.