Councilwoman Sexton Smith encourages everyone to join her for 6:00pm MSD Community Conversation on April 24th

April 21, 2017

Louisville – Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith is reminding everyone the next meeting for the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) discussion of MSD’s recently completed 20-year Critical Repair and Reinvestment Plan will be on April 24th.

           “We have had a good response to our previous April meetings and I want to make sure the public has the chance to understand how MSD plans to address future needs in the areas of wastewater, storm water and flood protection infrastructure,” says Sexton Smith. “And most importantly how the agency intends to pay for the improvements.”

          The meeting is set for Central High School, 1130 W. Chestnut Street from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

MSD’s 20-year Critical Repair and Reinvestment Plan covers these critical risks in six areas:


1. Ohio River flood protection system;

2. Stormwater drainage and inland flooding;

3. Viaducts;

4. Crumbling sewer infrastructure;

5. Wastewater treatment facilities; and

6. Consent decree and support systems.


          The estimated cost solutions total $4.3 billion over the next 20 years, including almost $500 million to satisfy the existing federal Consent Decree to reduce sewer overflows. The full plan is online at:

          “In the next few months, MSD will come back before the Metro Council Budget committee to tell us what the next steps are in funding this plan,” says Sexton Smith. “This is a chance to find out what MSD has planned and express your opinion about how the community should approach these concerns.”

          For more information about the MSD Community Meeting, contact Councilwoman Sexton Smith’s office at 574-1104.