Councilwoman Purvis asks the community to take COVID 19 seriously and take precautions

October 9, 2020

Louisville – In light of the recent increase on COVID-19 cases in Louisville Metro, Councilwoman Donna Purvis (D-5) is asking people in West Louisville to take the needed precautions to protect themselves and help control the spread of the virus.

The Councilwoman has issued the following personal statement:

“Covid-19 has now been active for the four seasons of the year and it appears the Westend of Louisville has become a ‘hot spot’ for increases in Covid-19 cases.  With 10 – 12% of the cases reported, that triples the 4% that is the norm in the other parts of the city. 

This is not good news and saddens me to think such a high amount of the population in a concentrated area has the possibility to be affected by this deadly virus.

Too often we adhere to ‘street science’ instead of dealing with the reality of the facts of the matter.  I have been told by so many that this is not real and the media is hyping this up and it’s really a government hoax.  That is just not true and the ignorance is leading people to their demise. 

We insist on going to the local bars to socialize while not wearing mask and sitting close to others, meaning that we have become relaxed in our guidelines of being safe just to be sociable. 

I know that the fall is the ideal time of the year to do fun things outdoors, like having festivals, but this is a harmful period that we must fear.

I am urging the city to enforce the governor’s mandates on Westend businesses to ensure safe practices such as wearing mask and social distancing.  We can control these numbers if we listen and do what’s right, we can avoid potential casualties.”