Councilwoman Purvis and President James move forward with new plan to remove abandoned cars in West Louisville

November 16, 2020

Louisville - To get abandoned cars off the streets of West Louisville, Councilwoman Donna Purvis (D-5) and President David James (D-6) have announced towing of those cars is underway thanks to a new agreement in place with the private sector.

The action comes following numerous calls from constituents about the impact these cars are having on neighborhoods.

“I want to assure everyone; we are now back to cleaning up our streets and neighborhoods. The target is to get abandoned and inoperable vehicles parked out on city streets.,” said President James. “We are NOT towing vehicles because of expired tags. West Louisville is plagued with over 3000 abandoned or inoperable cars, which affects the quality of life in our community. We’ve heard you loud and clear and together we can restore our community.”

The President and Councilwoman have worked to finalize a plan with a private tow company and LMPD to do something about the growing problem.

Purvis and James are aware how COVID-19 has impacted the financial resources of many residents in the city. This goal is to get wrecked or abandoned cars off our city streets in many neighborhoods.

“We understand that many are without employment and car registration may not be a priority, however our goal and target are vehicles that have plagued our community for months and become a haven for critters and criminal activity and are an eye-sore in our neighborhoods,” said Purvis.

The effort to remove these cars is now underway.