Councilwoman McCraney Assures Community a Thorough Investigation of Civilian Review Models for Louisville Metro

May 29, 2020

Louisville – Mayor Greg Fischer named Councilwoman Paula McCraney as co-chair of the newly formed Civilian Review Board Work Group.  She will serve alongside co-chair Deputy Mayor Ellen Hesen, and 31 other community advocates, administration officials, law enforcement representatives, faith leaders and elected officials across the Louisville community. (See attached list.)

Since the death of Breonna Taylor, residents of Louisville are demanding justice and accountability. “In such an emotionally-charged atmosphere it is easy for residents to conclude that a work group will not effect change,” said McCraney. “I want to assure the community that we will be transparent and comprehensive as we examine best practices of Civilian Review Boards across the nation. Our work will result in legislation being filed that will increase civilian oversight authority and hold police accountable for misconduct.”

Councilwoman McCraney brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the work group.  Prior to being elected to the Metro Council she served on the board of the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability. “Serving on the Commission was interesting, but extremely limiting,” stated McCraney. “The Commission was vulnerable to politics, lacked authority or jurisdiction to meaningfully investigate complaints, reviewed only slow-moving investigations after cases were closed and offered no real opportunity to determine the course of action to be taken regarding cases.” 

“Because the police are the authoritative symbol of law and order, the general public is extremely sensitive to the slightest hint that they may be abusing their power,” McCraney said. “I am honored to be a part of a work group that is dedicated to completing an honest review of police misconduct and restoring confidence in the actions of the brave men and women who are hired to protect and serve the citizens of our community.”

In her first year on the Metro Council, McCraney was directly involved in issues related to reviewing police officer actions while serving on the Government Oversight and Accountability Committee, which has subpoena power when making investigations. She researched various Civilian Review Board models and began writing changes to the current legislation governing the Commission.

First elected in 2018, Councilwoman McCraney represents District 7, which includes over 25 suburban cities and neighborhoods such as St. Matthews, Mockingbird Valley, Indian Hills, Lyndon, Brownsboro Place and Goose Creek. She currently serves on the Metro Council’s Budget, Labor and Economic Development, and Public Works Committees, is a member of the Democratic Caucus and works with Caucus leadership on the Personnel Committee.