Councilwoman Hamilton and President Tandy encourage residents to attend important MSD information meeting on the Portland Wharf area basin

February 5, 2015

Louisville – Officials with MSD are ready to share the latest information on the design phase for the Portland Wharf area basin which will handle sewer overflows and at the same time lay out their effort for additional green infrastructure projects in the area.

          “This is one of many projects MSD is in the process of constructing as part of the federal consent decree involving storm sewer drainage,” says Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5). “It is important that people in the Portland area understand this process from the beginning to be informed on how storm sewer overflow and run off will be handled in their neighborhood.”

           Hamilton and Metro Council President David Tandy (D-4) are encouraging residents to learn about all the projects MSD is proposing for the area in the vicinity of 17th and Bank Streets.

          “Over the years, there has been a major emphasis to trade concrete for green spaces as a way to absorb rain water into the ground instead of the sewers,” says Tandy. Many of these projects involve planting more trees and landscaping as a way to enhance a neighborhood and the environment.”

          The meeting is set for Monday, February 9th beginning at 6:30pm at Western Middle School, 2201 West Main Street. It is an opportunity to learn more about projects specifically designed to keep untreated sewage from entering local waterways.

          The project is currently in the design phase and final plans should be completed in summer of 2017 with construction prosed to begin in the fall of 2017.

          “I again want to encourage those who have had concerns about flooding in their neighborhoods to attend this meeting and keep up to date on all developments as MSD moves forward,” says Hamilton.