Councilwoman George encourages everyone to enjoy the Fourth of July but refrain from celebratory gunfire

July 1, 2019

Louisville – With the Fourth of July close at hand, Metro Louisville will have fun for the holiday like many other cities across the country. There will be fireworks, picnics and music.

          Councilwoman Nicole George (D-21) is encouraging the community to refrain from what is a problem for the holiday: celebratory gunfire.

          “It is easy to get caught up in the fun of the holiday and celebrate America’s Independence. However, some people will take the opportunity to shoot off a pistol, gun or rifle into the air as part of the celebration,” says George. “The problem with that is those bullets have to fall somewhere. I am concerned that innocent people might get hurt because of someone else’s partying.”

          The Councilwoman is going door to door in the district to spread the message of public safety for the Fourth of July. Her office has been leaving reminders that celebratory gunfire is illegal with door hangers that warn such actions can cause injury or be fatal.

          The door hangers encourage the community to report celebratory gunfire during the holiday by calling 911. The door hangers also suggest leaving an anonymous tip by calling 574-LMPD.