Councilwoman Flood seeks volunteers for this year’s District 24 Spring Clean-up on Saturday, May 16th

May 12, 2015

Louisville – Councilwoman Madonna Flood is once again offering a way for nonprofit groups to raise money and at the same time help keep District 24 clean with her Annual Spring Cleanup this Saturday, May 16th.

“Spring has been beautiful this season for all of us and this is a chance to help clear away trash and clean up our streets,” says Flood. “We have had many dedicated groups help us out over the years and we have a way to help them in return.”

The 2015 Spring Clean-up gets underway on Saturday, May 16th at 9:00am. Volunteers will start at the parking lot of Southern High School.

For any 501- C3 group in District 24, the Councilwoman is offering prizes based on how many volunteers come out and cleanup with your group.

The prizes are awarded as follows:

$750 for first place

$500 for second

$300 for third

Any district 501-C3 group that pre-registers with Councilwoman Flood’s office and brings 20 volunteers will be awarded $200.

All groups wishing to qualify for prizes must pre-register at 574-1124 or at 8:30am on the 16th. All members of the group must sign-in on clean-up day to be counted toward the total.

“We have many groups who take pride in our community and I want to thank them for their help. But you don’t have to be part of any group to come roll up your sleeves and help us out,” says Flood.

Once the clean-up is over, the Councilwoman will treat all volunteers to a cook-out at Southern High School.

Special thanks to Louisville Metro, Brightside, Okolona Fire Department, Meijer, Value Market, Sam’s Club, Louisville Metro Solid Waste Management and the Okolona Business and Professional Association.

For more information, contact Councilwoman Flood’s Office at 574-1124.