Councilwoman Flood asks the Community to remember those who serve our country far from home

February 14, 2018
2018 Doing Our Part From the Heart

Louisville – It is easy to forget that there are brave service men and women who are still serving their country in some of the most dangerous spots in the world. Our military remain on duty as the first line of America’s defense in the fight against terrorism.

           For Councilwoman Madonna Flood (D-24) their service is the reason why the “Doing Our Part from the Heart” Campaign is an important effort to show that our troops should always be remembered and honored.

          “They’re still there. It is easy to forget that they stand ready to serve and protectAs long as there is one solider in need of our help, we will work to help them out and make their tour of duty a little easier,” says the Councilwoman. “It is easy to forget their sacrifice and we must always remember they stand ready to protect us and this is one way to let them know we are thinking about them.”

          Valentine’s Day is the official kick off of the “Doing Our Part from the Heart” Campaign. Over the next eight weeks, Flood with the help of the community will collect toiletries, snacks and other items to send to our military. Simple items such as hand sanitizer, eye drops, candy and other personal items make a huge impact for troops serving in remote locations around the world.

          “Many of our soldiers do not have access to a PX or a base when they are out in the field. They also have to pay for these extra items. We hope our boxes brighten their day,” says Flood.  

          It was in 2006 when the Councilwoman first called upon the community to help in this endeavor. She had received a simple letter from her son while he served in Iraq. For Christmas that year, he asked for basic personal items like deodorant, sunscreen and razors. He also asked if it was possible to send enough of those items for the other members of his unit.

          “It is quite possible that a family somewhere in our country received a similar letter this past Christmas and that is all the more reason why we all need to be reminded that our service men and women are still out there,” said Flood.

          Joining Flood as sponsors of the 2018 campaign are the Okolona Business Association, the Okolona Fire Department, Republic Bank, Scheller’s Fitness and Cycling, PARC and Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service and Wesley Manor. The campaign runs through the end of March.

          If you cannot donate items and wish to make cash contributions to help cover the cost of shipping, Republic Bank continues its partnership by setting up an account to accept all monetary donations to cover postage for the items going overseas. Every package cost $17.40 to send. Make sure to note on the check “From the Heart” account at these locations:


Outer Loop                         4808 Outer Loop, 40219
Shepherdsville                  438 Hwy 44, Shepherdsville 40165
Corporate                           601 W Market St, 40202
Brownsboro Rd                 4921 Brownsboro Rd, 40222
J-Town                                 3811 Ruckreigel Pkwy, 40299
Dixie                                      5250 Dixie Hwy, 40216


          “Every year, I am amazed at the outpouring of support from our community for this effort. I thank you and more importantly those who dedicate themselves to the service of our country also thank you,” said Flood.


Here is a list of items needed that can be dropped off at a “Doing Our Part” location:

Chewing Gum/Mints/Lifesavers                          Deodorant

Lotion                                                                    Foot Powder

Razors                                                                    Body Wash

Bandaids                                                                Q-Tips

Bug Repellant with DEET                                    Eye Drops

Hand Sanitizer                                                      Wet Ones

Kool-aide or Gatorade individual packs              Peanut Butter

Individual snacks, chips, nuts, pretzels               Neosporin

Candy that will not melt

Sun Block                                                              After Sun lotion

Nasal Spray                                                           Tylenol/Pain Relievers


Here are the drop-off locations for the 2018 Doing Our Part from the Heart Campaign;

Republic Bank

“From the Heart Account” at all Republic Banks


Okolona Fire Department

8501 Preston Highway, Louisville

All Stations


Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling

8323 Preston Highway, Louisville

11520 Shelbyville Road, Louisville

1000 Veterans Parkway, Clarksville



Tax Preparers

All Locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana


Wesley Manor

5012 East Manslick Road

Louisville, Ky, 40219


City Hall

601 West Jefferson, Louisville


For more information about the 2018 “Doing Our Part from the Heart” Campaign, contact Councilwoman Flood’s office at 574-1124.  You can visit the Councilwoman’s webpage at or go to “Doing our Part From the Heart” on Facebook.