Councilman Yates creates "Gift Card, Give Back" an Employee Reinvestment Program to help local restaurants

March 18, 2020

Louisville – As the impact of COVID-19 continues to affect day to day life, Councilman David Yates (D-25) announces the creation of the "Gift Card, Give Back" an Employee Reinvestment Program for workers who have been laid off.

“Our community consistently steps up to help others in times of crisis. COVID-19 has put a strain on our local businesses and their employees,” says Yates. “Without dine-in customers, many of our local restaurants have had to lay off employees, others are weathering this time without their traditional level of income. That is where you can make a difference!”

The primary idea of the program is to encourage our local restaurants to commit 20% of every new gift card purchase to be reinvested into employees directly impacted by the COVID-19. At least 15 local restaurants are dedicating 20% of every new gift card purchase to their employees:


1.       Khalil’s, 10966 Dixie Highway, 40272

2.       Christi’s Café, 12810 Dixie Highway, 40272

3.       Shack in the Back, 406 Mt. Holly Road, 40118

4.       Union 15, 816 W. Kenwood Drive, 40214

5.      Babie Bac’z Good Grill, 8533 Terry Road, 40258

6.      Derby City Pizza,

PRP - 5603 Greenwood Road, 40258

Fairdale – 10619 W. Manslick Road, 40118

7.      Stomping Grounds Coffee Co., 10019 Dixie Highway, 40272

8.      Rubbies Southside Grill & Bar, 6905 Southside Drive, 40214

9.      Bearno’s on Dixie, 4105 Dixie Highway, 40216

10.    Mark’s Feed Store, 10316 Dixie Highway, 40272

11.    Frontier Diner, 7299 Dixie Highway, 40258

12.    Bonnie & Clyde’s, 7611 Dixie Highway, 40258

13.    Bud’s Tavern, 4014 Dixie Highway, 40216

14.    Double Flame Burgers and Fries, 5408 Valley Station Road, 40272

15.    Jeff’s Burger Shack, 14126 Dixie Highway, 40272


Over the last two days, Yates contacted each of these establishments to commit to the program. While these restaurants are primarily located in the south and southwest part of Metro Louisville, the Councilman is hopeful other restaurants throughout area will join in order to help those who have been impacted by closures related to COVID-19.

“We want the public to take precautions. If you are healthy and have the chance, buying a gift card might help keep things afloat for the employees and the restaurants we have come to enjoy,” says Yates. “A huge THANK YOU to our local businesses for reinvesting back into their employees. Support their workers, our neighbors, by purchasing gift cards from these restaurants!”

While Yates is simultaneously working with the administration and his colleagues to draft legislation to provide individual relief for workers throughout Louisville, he hopes this effort will help provide revenue now for suffering local restaurants and their staff.

 “When David called me with this idea, I was humbled to know our local representatives are still working to help local businesses, like mine, to stay afloat,” said Khalil Batshon, owner of Khalil’s. “My employees are my most important asset. I am proud to participate in this program and give back to the people that I depend upon.”

Yates is hosting a webpage to showcase the participating restaurants and has provided links to each businesses’ website to help the public purchase gift cards online or contact the restaurant directly. Visit the site here:

“With the support of my colleagues and the public at large I hope to grow this list of local businesses much larger,” said Yates.  “If you are a business owner or frequent a local business that may be interested in participating, please reach out to me so I can add them to the website and encourage our community to enjoy some of our favorite local gems. If you have the financial means to do so, consider purchasing a gift card for a neighbor in need. With one purchase you can help your neighbor, a local restaurant and their servers and employees.”

“This is the kind of leadership and commitment to his community we have grown to expect from Councilman David Yates. I am proud to support this initiative and hope we can add many more.”- Metro Council President David James (D-6)

“I am absolutely supportive and happy to partner with David to encourage our community to rally behind our local restaurants and businesses. We need to be there for the people that work day in and day out to make our community unique.” - Councilwoman Cindi Fowler (D-14)

“This initiative will drive business to our local entrepreneurs, while giving our neighbors who work in the food service industry an additional level of financial security. As the leaders of this community it is our responsibility to ensure the success of our businesses and workforce while providing additional food options to our residents.” - Councilman Mark Fox (D-13)

For more information or to purchase a gift card from "Gift Card, Give Back" contact Councilman Yates office at 574-1125.