Councilman Tandy announces “2nd Annual Louisville Metro Diverse Business Fair” returns to aid minority and women owned businesses

September 22, 2016

Louisville – Councilman David Tandy (D-4) announces the return of an important opportunity for small businesses in the Metro Louisville area when the 2nd Annual Louisville Metro Diverse Business Fair gets under way on Tuesday, October 25th.

Created last year, the Diverse Business Fair is designed to bring minority and women owned local businesses together with larger corporations in an effort to promote their businesses and services.

 “Last year, the fair was successful in connecting groups who may not have known they could do business with each other. The key was finding a place to bring them together to talk and explain what services are needed and what services can be offered right here in our city,” said Tandy. “With Louisville’s still growing economy, it is even more important to help those companies large or small right here in our area to grow and create jobs. This is a starting place.”

The 2nd Annual Louisville Metro Diverse Business Fair will be held at Fourth Street Live from 8:00am until 12:00pm at the Tavern. There will be no charge to participate.

All minorities, female, and disadvantaged business entity owners, or their representatives are invited to participate in the business fair.

“I commend President Tandy, Ed Hartless and 4th Street for championing this forum to bring together local minority and women-owned businesses and local public and private sector organizations.  This fair will help to foster relationships, first and foremost.  Public and private sector decision makers can meet local M/WBEs that can provide value-added resources/supplies or good to their organization,” Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne of TKT & Associates. “Likewise, M/WBEs have an opportunity to market themselves and their organizations to a room full of decision makers, whom they normally do not have access to.”

“It is an honor for us to host the Diverse Business Fair at Fourth Street Live!”, said Ed Hartless, Executive Director of Fourth Street Live!. “This event provides unprecedented access for minority, women and disadvantaged business owners to find valuable opportunities in the Metro area. We are excited for the partnership with Councilman David Tandy and the Human Relations Commission to continue our commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the Louisville community.”

To gain admission:

The business entity must either be certified with the Louisville Metro Human Rights Commission
Or in the process of completing such certification. 
For those businesses that have not currently certified or in the process of being certified as an MBE, WBE or DBE they can start the process and attend the business fair on site.


Among the business that have committed to participate in the Diverse Business Fair:

Louisville Free Public Library

Codes and Regulations (LMG)

Information Technologies

Codes and Regulations Licenses and Permit Division (LMG)

Office of Budget and Management

Alcoholic Beverage Control (Codes and Regs)

Facilities Management

 Metro Emergency Services

Finch Constructions, Inc.

Louisville Forward

Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)

Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness

Kentucky Derby Festival


Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI)

“If there are businesses out there who would like to join us, please contact my office. While we encourage small minority and female businesses, we want to let larger companies know this Diver Business Fair is a great resource for you as well” said Tandy.

For more information about the business fair, contact President Tandy’s office at 574-1104 or by email at [email protected].