Councilman Steve Magre announces staff for District 10 office

February 16, 2015

Louisville – Following his selection last Thursday as the new Councilman for District 10, Steve Magre has announced he will retain the current staff of the office in order to ensure continued service to the people of the district.

“I am pleased to announce that two long time Metro Council workers, who had served Jim King and his 10th District office, have agreed to continue in their same job roles for me. My ability to serve 10th District constituents well is tied directly to the ability of the staff support for my 10th District Office performing to aid me. Retaining both has allowed me to hit the ground running and working,” said Magre. “Thus, I am proud to announce that Carrie Peers and Paul Schuhmann will be staying on as the staff support for the 10th District Office."

In his acceptance remarks the Councilman said he was ready to hit the ground running and begin serving the needs of the people of District 10 and Metro Louisville.

“I want to thank President Tandy for ensuring that services were still provided to the district during this transition and now I  want to let everyone know we will continue to listen to concerns and take care of issues that are a priority for the people of District 10,” said Magre.

To get in contact with Councilman Magre, call 574-1110.