Councilman James targets Seventh and Magnolia as a key area for Brightside Fall Community Cleanup

October 22, 2014

Louisville – Volunteers will have a special task this Saturday in the Old Louisville area as part of the 2014 Brightside Fall Community Cleanup. Councilman David James (D-6) is seeking help in cleaning up a key area at Seventh Street and Magnolia.

          “We have many cleanups going on the district and this Saturday we have focused some needed attention on an area where there is not only trash and garbage but graffiti,” says James. “We could use all the extra help we can find if anyone has some time to help out.”

          Metro Government has approved the closing of streets in this work area for safety reasons and the task ahead is a visual makeover of sorts. Volunteers will be removing debris, along with wild growth of vegetation and weeds, graffiti will be painted over and street gutters and catch basins tops will be cleaned.

          “With the help of volunteers we will be able to turn this area back into a beautiful part of Old Louisville’s landscape,” said James. “It’s a challenge but I know we will have some dedicated folks who care about the community to come and join us.”

          The cleanup will last from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

          Join Councilman James in the effort as sponsors are the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, Brightside, Metro Parks, the LMPD’s 4th Divisions, Metro Public Works and Solid Waste Management Services.

          At 12:00pm, volunteers will be treated to pizza and drinks as a reward for the hard work of the morning.

          For more information about the Seventh and Magnolia Cleanup, contact Councilman James office at 574-1106.