Councilman David Tandy hosts 12th Annual Willie Bright Community Resource Fair for District 4

October 14, 2016

Louisville – Councilman David Tandy (D-4) will host the 12th Annual Willie Bright Community Resource Fair on Saturday, October 15th at Baxter Park from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.

Since it began, the Community Resource Fair is an opportunity for the community to come together for fun and connect with many groups whose goals are to improve their lives and the lives of their family.

“This Community Resources Fair provides information about better health, education opportunity and ways to keep you and your love ones safe,” says Tandy. “As people meet new friends and get to know their neighbors, it also provides some pretty valuable information in a wide range of areas.”

This year’s fair will offer assistance and information in the following areas:

Healthy Living
Education Programs
College Preparation
Career Preparation
Job Opportunities
Public Safety
Community Building

The Councilman has invited the following groups to participate: Louisville Metro Animal Service, Louisville Free Public Library, Metro Parks, ReImage, The NIA Center, The Black Lawyers Association, The Healing Place, Project Warm and Louisville Metro Police.

 “We should all follow in the spirit of Councilman Willie Bright who always believed that people should come together to create a better community. While that is important, I believe we should always strive to help our community whenever we can,” says Tandy

Food will be available for those that attend in addition to entertainment.

Baxter Park is located at 301 South 12th Street.

For more information about the 12th Annual Willie Bright Community Resource Fair, contact President Tandy’s office at 574-1104.