Councilman Coan announces 4th Annual Planting O’ the Green

February 22, 2020

With the help of several organizations and the goal to expand Louisville’s tree canopy, Councilman Brandon Coan (D-8) has announced the 4th Annual Planting O’ the Green will plant 182 trees in the weeks leading up to and surrounding the 47th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“Over the last three years, we have managed to enhance the city’s tree canopy with 784 trees planted, including 433 in various other Metro Council districts,” said Coan. “Our goal is to plant a tree somewhere elsewhere in the city every time we plant one in District 8.”

The Councilman made the announcement with members of the Metro Council, representatives of TreesLouisville, MSD, Brightside, Olmsted Parks Conservancy and the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

“According to the Louisville Urban Tree Canopy Assessment 2015, D21 has experienced the greatest canopy loss in Metro.  Thanks to the leadership of Councilman Coan, generosity of MSD, and our partnership with Brightside, things will be looking greener in our Iroquois Neighborhood and along Phillips Lane,” said Councilwoman Nicole George (D-21). “Both locations were selected to capitalize on recent infrastructure investments dedicated to improving health and safety in these areas.”   

This year in District 8, 36 trees will be planted in Cherokee Park near the Cochran Hill Dog Run; 25 trees, pruning two others and removing eight dead or dying trees on Tyler Lane in the Hayfield Dundee (Upper Highlands) neighborhood; 11 trees on Speed Avenue near Highland Middle School; and six trees in Tyler Park near Tyler Park Drive/Windsor Place and Cross Road.

In District 21, 47 trees will be planted on Gheens Ave. Then 57 trees will be planted along Phillips Lane and Kentucky Exposition Center

 “Olmsted Parks Conservancy continues its partnership with Councilman Coan as Cherokee Park join many other locations where this program has helped restore natures beauty. Little by little the city’s tree canopy find new life and new additions that will ultimately benefit all areas of the city. We applaud all the partners and volunteers who are dedicated to this” said Layla George President/CEO Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

“Restoring our urban tree canopy is an important part of MSD’s green infrastructure program and helps us strive toward our vision of safe, clean waterways.  Trees not only create oxygen and provide shade, but they also clean the air, reduce runoff from storms, provide habitat for wildlife, act as a visual barrier, reduce noise pollution, and reduce soil erosion by slowing down runoff.  MSD supports increasing Louisville’s tree canopy to improve the health of our waterways and environment for our customers.” said Wes Sydnor of MSD.

John O’Dwyer, President of the Father Abram J. Ryan Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, reflected on the meaning of the St. Patrick’s Parade and the impact of Planting O’ The Green.  

“Every year the City, and beyond, looks forward to the St Patrick's Parade hosted by the AOH. It is a time for fun, charity, and for showcasing Louisville along with the Irish. The difference our Parade has over others is the spirit of the people that participate and those who come to watch. By their gift of time they support the AOH in helping those in need in the community. It is the Irish way to give of ourselves but always have fun doing it,” O’Dwyer said.

The 47th Annual St. Patrick's Parade is Saturday, March 14th.

For more information about Planting O’ the Green or if you would like to join the volunteers, contact Councilman Coan’s office at 574-1108.