Councilman Blackwell begins a new year of District 12 Dialogues with a visit to the Jefferson Memorial Forest

February 5, 2015

Louisville – Councilman Rick Blackwell begins a new year of District 12 Dialogues with a focus on one of the prettiest spots in Metro Louisville: the Jefferson Memorial Forest on Tuesday, February 17th.

          “We have seen a great expansion of our Metro Parks system is with new parks coming on line for the public. I want to remind everyone we have many other beautiful areas in our city that are also enjoyable,” says Blackwell. “That’s why I want to begin a new year with a chance to learn more about the Jefferson Memorial Forest.”

February’s District 12 Dialogue will feature Bennett Knox, the Forest Parks Manager, who will discuss the progress on their master plan and present information on the South Points Scenic Area Initiative.

The meeting will take place at the new Southwest Regional Library, 9725 Dixie Highway beginning at 7:00pm

Please join the Councilman and learn about the many activities and programs available at the Forest for any resident of District 12 to enjoy.

As usual, representatives from Codes & Regulations, MSD and LMPD will be in attendance to address any questions or concerns along with staff from Congressman Yarmuth's office.

“Dialogues are one way we bring Metro Government to the people to learn more about government agencies and departments,” says Blackwell. “My staff and I are also on hand to answer questions.”  

For more information about the February District 12 Dialogue, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112.