Councilman Blackwell announces MetroWatch Cameras and Wi -Fi accessibility at Riverview Park

May 19, 2015

Louisville – Riverview Park is a great place to have fun, enjoy nature and see an incredible view of the Ohio River. Now Riverview Park (formerly the Greenwood Boat Dock) has entered the 21st Century with technological improvements for safety and connectivity through Wi-Fi internet access for all park-goers.

"Since the initial redevelopment of Riverview Park, I have tried to add some features each year.  I am pleased to announce this year's additions: public Wi-Fi access and real-time cameras,” said Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12). “The cameras are a proactive way to make sure that the Park continues to be a safe place for families to play, exercise and relax. While we have had very few incidents at the park, we have had a few cases of vandalism in the past that may have been interrupted if these cameras were in place. The new cameras will be monitored by Real Time Crime Center as are the cameras at Waterfront Park."

Riverview will become one of two Metro Parks to boast free internet connectivity throughout the community.

"The public Wi-Fi can be used by parents to bring their kids to the park while finishing up some business, students to read an on-line book from the library or Riverport employees to get away from the office and stay connected,” said Blackwell.         

Councilman Blackwell spearheaded the effort to bring the technological improvements to the park using Council directed budget funding and District 12 Capital Infrastructure Funds.