Councilman Bill Hollander says park the car and walk or bring your bike to CycLOUvia on Frankfort Avenue

April 13, 2015

Louisville – In an effort to show how easy it is to get around on a bike or on foot on one of Metro Louisville’s most popular streets, Frankfort Avenue will become a paved park for the next CycLOUvia event set for Sunday, April 19th.

          “CycLOUvia is a great opportunity to remind ourselves that we can live without our cars from time to time and still traverse our neighborhoods,” says Councilman Bill Hollander (D-9). “Fortunately, more people are becoming aware of that fact which makes our citizens healthier and our neighborhoods greener.”

          CycLOUvia will take place between Pope Street and Stilz Avenue between 2:00pm and 6:00pm with cross traffic allowed at Ewing Avenue. During that time, no cars will be allowed on the streets and instead bicycles, pedestrians, skaters, and strollers will take over to directly engage with local businesses.

          The Crescent Hill Library will also be open during this special event, with staff paid for by the Citizens of District 9.

          For more information about CycLOUvia on Frankfort Avenue, contact Councilman Hollander’s office at 574-1109.