Council Members Sexton Smith and James are disappointed to learn that Kroger is closing Second Street Store

January 6, 2017

Louisville – Council Members Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) and David James (D-6) have expressed their disappointment in learning of the decision by Kroger to close its store at Second Street and Breckinridge Street by the end of January.

“I know firsthand the people who use this store. It is particularly devastating to me because this is where I shop. There are many seniors citizens who will be impacted,” said Sexton Smith. “However, this is the latest example of what has become a major concern since three other grocery stores in the Urban Service District have closed within a 12 month period.”

Kroger made the announcement on Friday by saying in a news release the company had lost its lease on the building at 924 S. 2nd St effecting 90 employees. The store first opened in 1980.

“This is horrible news because my district has one of the highest concentrations of seniors in the city,” said James. “Kroger has indicated there are stores within two miles that can serve as an alternative but that will not help many of the people who use the stores that will close on January 28th.”

This Kroger closing announcement follows the closing of Pic Pac on Market Street, The First Link Store on Liberty Street and the Kroger at Southland Terrace.

Both Sexton Smith and James have indicated a willingness to meet with Kroger officials to discuss any alternatives to closing this downtown store.

“We do not want the food desert we have in the urban area to keep growing,” said Sexton Smith. “There should be some discussion on how to help Kroger and the people who use this store without the option of closing.”

“Many areas of the city are seeing new superstores and other chains pop up in suburban areas and that is great. Those stores are long overdue to the people of those areas,” said James. “We cannot forget about people like our seniors who will be greatly impacted by decisions like these. I am sure there are many on the Metro Council who are willing to help in our discussions.”