Council members Sexton Smith and Coan announce the 100-Days “Give Every Day” campaign

September 23, 2020

Louisville–In an effort to bring the community together and bring forth positive change, Council members Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) and Brandon Coan (D-8) have kicked off the 100-Days “Give Every Day” campaign.

“Our city has faced some tough challenges so far in 2020 and there is no better time to stress unity than to rally together and find those things big and small that can make a difference in our communities and neighborhoods,” said Councilwoman Sexton Smith. “It’s a simple campaign and with the help of many local organizations working with Metro Government, we can accomplish many things. We need everyone’s help to bring about a change in the next 100 days.”

“It has been a long, hard year – and it will likely continue to be – but a lot of good can still happen over the next 100 days. This is how we get better: all hands-on deck and making an effort, one day at a time,” said Councilman Coan.

The 100-Days Give Every Day” campaign sets large and small goals of tasks based around the number 100. Individuals or groups of volunteers can handle many of the tasks. Neighborhood organizations, local nonprofits and agencies of metro government can focus on performing 100 tasks in various areas between now and December 31st.

Among the goals in the program:

Find Homes for 100 People

Pass Breonna’s Law in 100 Cities

Expunge 100 Non-Violent Criminal Records

Mow 100 Vacant and Abandoned Lots

Fill 100 Potholes

Observe 100 Moments of Silence

Identify and Begin Cleaning 100 Alleys

Clean 100 Blocks

Install/Repair 100 Litter Bins

Plant 100 Trees

Adopt 100 Pets

Read 100 Stories to Children

There are a total of 100 tasks in the 100-Days Give Every Day campaign. Several Metro Government agencies have committed to work with the volunteers to accomplish many of the goals.

Both council members stress taking public health and safety precautions as the campaign gets underway. If groups or individuals are considering a challenge, follow COVID 19 guidelines, such as social distancing, wearing face masks and hand washing.

To see a list of the goals of the 100-Days Give Every Day campaign, go to:

For more information about the 100 Days Give Every Day campaign, contact Councilwoman Sexton Smith’s office at 574-1104 or Councilman Coan’s office at 574-1108.