City Launches Green Infrastructure Incentive Program

January 20, 2015

Businesses can take advantage of a new incentive to help make their facilities more green, Mayor Greg Fischer announced today. Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Sustainability has launched a green infrastructure incentive program, which provides matching funds for private sector commercial projects to encourage businesses to invest in green stormwater management solutions.

“As we become more globally competitive for businesses and knowledge workers, it also is imperative that we, as a city and as businesses and private individuals, find ways to become more sustainable,” Fischer said. “The incentive funds will help offset the costs a business will spend to implement green solutions, and at the same time will help them become better environmental stewards.” 

The new program has been designed to align with the Metropolitan Sewer District’s (MSD) green infrastructure incentive program, which pays stipends for commercial infrastructure projects including pervious pavement, infiltration drains, water-harvesting systems, rain gardens and vegetative roofs. Green infrastructure projects that are approved through MSD’s program can then apply for the Office of Sustainability funds. 

The Office of Sustainability’s incentive funds are available to private sector applicants receiving $50,000 or less from MSD’s green infrastructure stipend program. The $100,000 fund will be used to match MSD’s stipend up to $10,000 per project. The fund will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis through June 30, 2015.

“This program is a proven tool with our partner, MSD, and will allow us to help even more businesses make their facilities green,” said Maria Koetter, director of the Office of Sustainability.

More information and applications are available on the Office of Sustainability’s website at