Citizens set to grade Louisville on satisfaction of services

May 8, 2015

Starting Saturday, citizens in Louisville will be randomly selected to participate in a survey, administered through MetroCall 311, gauging their satisfaction of city services from trash collection to public transit to fire and emergency personnel.  The survey builds on Mayor Greg Fischer’s commitment to improve services to citizens.

“When I took office, I created the Citizen’s Bill of Rights, which said that every citizen has the right to prompt, efficient service from Metro Government, that citizens are the customers of Metro Government and that we must always strive to be the best in job performance,” Fischer said. “This survey is another step to help us deliver quality service to our customers – the citizens of Louisville.”

Citizens will grade the city over the next three weeks. They will be randomly selected, representing every zip code and demographic, resulting in 400 completed survey responses.  MetroCall 311 operators, who already serve as the frontline for customer service for Metro Government, will administer the survey. Operators received training from IQS Research, the company that will analyze the responses.  Those results – the citizen report card - due in mid-summer will be available on-line and used to target efforts and areas of improvement at the department level. The Office of Performance Improvement will lead these efforts through the LouieStat process.

Louisville’s citizen survey is similar to ones used in other cities, including Kansas City, Missouri, with the ongoing goal of using citizen input to improve city services.

“I am excited to get direct feedback from our citizens, and look forward to the results,” Fischer said.