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July 3, 2019
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Welcome: Happy New Year

This week, I, Jasmine Weatherby, will be writing the newsletter in its entirety.  I am a more succinct writer than Brandon, so the good news is, you should be able to get through it more quickly.  The bad news is, there will be a dearth of dad jokes and links to YouTube videos. 

You may be confused by the title – Happy New Year – I’m referring to the new Fiscal Year, which began July 1st. The city passed a new budget, with a lot of cuts. Brandon will be giving his final budget thoughts in the next edition, so I will leave the details for him to discuss.

The new budget marks a rebirth and reimagining of the city in a much leaner form, and unfortunately, many of these cuts will be most harmful to the most vulnerable individuals in our community. Out of this negative, my hope is that we can find some positive. The new year is often a time to reflect on what was, what will be and make resolutions towards action and the future we hope to achieve.   I invite everyone reading this to take some time for reflection and mid-year resolutions. Maybe this is something as simple as revisiting what you committed to doing at the beginning of the year and measuring your progress, or maybe you will come up with something completely new. Given our new budget reality and the ways it will impact the city, I encourage you to think about ways you can volunteer or otherwise help others. If there isn’t a specific organization or charity that you are passionate about, there are always ways you can help our office. Be it by organizing a clean-up, helping with an initiative in our strategic plan that speaks to you or working on a project that might not even be on our radar yet.  As I reflect on the function of our office, I am curious to know if you have suggestions about how we can improve, or things that are currently missing.  Please send me your thoughts. Whatever your resolutions may be, my hope is that in some way, they incorporate ways to be kinder to one another; to look at the bigger picture of what’s important in life and to not take the good for granted.

Thanks for reading,

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