Brightside Launches Green Living Neighborhood Certification Program

December 9, 2014

To encourage citizens and neighborhoods to go greener and more sustainable, Brightside has launched the Green Living Neighborhood Certification program, Mayor Greg Fischer announced today.  The tiered certification program is designed to educate and encourage neighborhoods to adopt green practices and then recognize them for their achievements.

“We all have a huge stake in making Louisville a much more sustainable city, so educating our citizens and incentivizing green practices is the right way to go” Fischer said. “Cleaner neighborhoods build pride and collectively a greener, more sustainable city is more attractive to young professionals and companies that bring quality jobs.”

The Green Living program, a partnership with the city’s Office of Sustainability, has four recognition levels: Green, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Recognition levels are awarded based on achievements a neighborhood can demonstrate.  Neighborhoods will receive points for activities as simple as taking the Energy Star Pledge, using rain barrels, purchasing local food or planting and maintaining a tree.

For example, a neighborhood that reaches 150 points will receive a Gold Green Living Certification.  Certified neighborhoods will receive a Green Living certification logo that can be placed on their neighborhood association website and they will be recognized on the One Bright City interactive online map.

The Brightside One Bright City initiative, announced earlier this year, is comprised of three components – Clean, Trees and Green Living.  As part of the clean initiative, an ongoing program of Cleanliness Assessments was implemented.  The assessments are conducted by volunteer Brightside Champions three times a year.

The last assessment for 2014 was completed in October, with participation from all 26 Metro Council districts. Overall, the city scored a 1.95 out of 4, which is an improvement of 0.12 from July. A score of 1 would mean no visible litter present, while a 4 would be the most littered.

“The assessment results have underscored that we need to do a better job as a community in keeping our streets free of litter especially around busy intersections, bus stops and other high pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas” Fischer said.

To help raise community awareness and motivate people not to litter, Brightside is starting a new  education campaign.

The “Litter is Lame” campaign was designed and donated by local artist and business owner, Jason Pierce.  Residents can expect to see the campaign images on buses and bus shelters beginning December 29.

Neighborhoods that are interested in signing up to participate in the Green Living Certification Program are encouraged to visit the city’s website,, and search “Brightside” to complete the registration form and find additional green living resources.