Boil Water Advisory Issued for Crescent Hill and Surrounding Areas

June 18, 2015
Thursday, June 18, 2015Louisville Water Company has issued a Boil Water Advisory for approximately 33,000 customers in the Crescent Hill and surrounding areas.  The advisory comes after a 60-inch water main break on Grinstead Drive.  Please see the expanded map and listing of affected streets for more information.  The Boil Water Advisory is for those customers within the boundary lines drawn on the map.  The Boil Water Advisory is a precautionary measure issued to ensure the safety of the water supply until water quality tests confirm the water is safe to drink. Customers should: Bring all water used for drinking, food preparation and cooking to a rolling boil for three minutes before consuming. Not use chilled water lines on refrigerators. Not use ice from automatic ice machines.    This information will be updated when the Boil Water Advisory is lifted.