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May 24, 2019
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Welcome: Stuck in the Middle with You


From the governor’s race to the city budget process to any number of District 8 pet projects and the world at large these days, things generally seem to be at a midpoint:

The Metro Council Budget Committee (which I frequently sit in but don’t serve on) has heard from 16 departments and agencies (and the public) and has 16 more hearings to go before the Council adopts a budget on June 25th;

Members are still wrestling with the Department of Public Works over which streets will be paved and sidewalks repaired in their districts over the next fiscal year;

Most legislation of any local interest – landmarks, street vending and marijuana enforcement reform – continues to work its way through the grinder;

The Bowman Area Neighborhoods Plan is back in the lab following the response to its preliminary recommendations; and

The Baxter-Bardstown Anti-Litter Leadership (BBALL) pilot program is halfway done. Over the last six weeks (Apr 3 - May 17), 44 bags of debris have been physically retrieved – typically a mixture of light paper products, cans and bottles, although also various car parts and a metal mattress frame – and more than two tons of rock, grit and trash have been pulled off during street sweeping. Our initial accumulation was six bags of debris and over four and a half cubic yards of material from the sweep; it hasn't been to that degree again since (except for the Sunday after Derby when it was over five bags). Because the work is now being done on so frequent a schedule, we are getting about half those earlier amounts. The impact is substantial.

I mention cleanliness in closing to end on a few familiar themes: take pride in this city; control what we can; and just keep working hard. The rest is wait and see.


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