Air Pollution Control District Proposed Permit

September 22, 2020

Notice of Action on a
Federally Enforceable District Origin Operating Permit (FEDOOP)


The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (District) proposes to renew a FEDOOP operating permit to Anderson Finishing Solutions, Inc. (wood furniture coating operation), 3138 Del Park Terrace, Louisville, KY 40211 in accordance with Regulation 2.17. This permit is being issued as the regularly scheduled permit renewal and Anderson Finishing Solutions, Inc. has applied to be exempt from STAR regulations. The 30-day public comment period starts on September 22, 2020, and ends on October 23, 2020. A public hearing may be scheduled if the District determines that there are germane, unresolved issues or substantial public interest, in accordance with Regulation 2.07.

Drafts of the permit and summary are available by calling Matt King at (502) 574-6000 or emailing airpermits @ or at the following website: Materials are not available at the District office due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Copies of the application are available upon request. Written comments will be accepted at airpermits @ until midnight or mailed to the District office, 701 West Ormsby Avenue, Suite 303, Louisville, KY 40203, by October 23, 2020.