Air Pollution Control District Proposed Permit

April 30, 2021

Notice of Action on a Title V Construction Permit

The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (District) proposes to issue a construction permit for Carbide Industries, LLC, 4400 Bells Lane, Louisville, KY 40211, in accordance with Regulation 2.03. This permit allows construction of a new fluidized bed coke dryer to replace the existing rotary coke dryer to dry coke in the U2 area. The company will also add other material handling equipment. The 30-day public comment period starts on May 1, 2021, and ends on June 1, 2021.

Written comments will be accepted at [email protected] until midnight or mailed to the District office, 701 West Ormsby Avenue, Suite 303, Louisville, KY 40203, by June 1, 2021.

Drafts of the permit and summary are available by calling Matt King at (502) 574-6000 or emailing [email protected] or at the following website:  Materials are not available at the District office due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

1. What is the purpose of this permit? Construction Permit C-0001-21-0002-V will allow construction of a new fluidized bed coke (material made by heating coal in the absence of air) dryer to replace the existing rotary coke dryer to dry coke in the U2 area. The company will also add other material handling equipment.

2. General Facility Description. Carbide Industries, LLC manufactures calcium carbide in a semi-closed electric submerged-arc furnace.

3. Will this permit increase air pollution? Construction Permit C-0001-21-0002-V F will increase potential emissions of PM10 (particulate matter 10 microns or less in size)by 20.61 ton/year.

4. Does this facility have a history of non-compliance? There were no notices of violation issued in the last 5 years.

5. Where can I find out more? Additional information, including emissions units, potential and past actual emissions, applicable rules, and air pollution control equipment, are summarized in the Statement of Basis.  The Draft Permit details the application of these rules to the emissions units and air pollution control equipment and includes the monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting that the District deems is necessary to demonstrate compliance.



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